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Past and Present Sci-Fi Con Totals

Sci Fi Con 7 2014 - L$1,068,004 lindens
     USD: $4,155.00
Sci Fi Con 8 2015 - Unknown
     USD: Uknown
Sci Fi Con 9 2016 - Unknown
     USD:  $2,753

Sci Fi Con 10 2017 - L$859,999
     USD: $3,426.30
Sci Fi Con 11 2019 - L$1,406,800
     USD: $5,604.79

Sci Fi Con 12 2020 - 1,556,680
     USD: $6,201.92

Sci Fi Con 13 2021 - L$2,117,330
     USD: $8,469.32
Sci Fi Con 14 2022 - L$4,142,108
     USD: $16,568.43
Sci Fi Con 15 2023 - L$2,560,339
     USD: $9,329.25
Sci Fi Faire 
Sci Fi Con 3 2016 - Unknown
     USD: $494

2024 Pricing 3.png

Boother Information Setup

Thank you for joining us for Sci Fi Con 16!
When you get there make sure you "BUY" the parcel by right clicking inside the booth area on
the land. Then set the land to your chosen group.
This area is now yours! Feel free to set your own media/ban/allow lists as you see fit. Make sure to keep sounds to YOUR parcel only.
If you need any assistance with the above, ask a staff member for help.
Please keep all items and ad
s in your store PG13.
Please keep your builds under 90 meters tall, if this is a problem contact an admin.
If your booth requires sky use, please contact and admin right away.
Please try to keep your scripts used in your parcel as limited as you can, to help save region performance.
The following is your allowed LI usage please don't go over that amount:
12x12 - 64
20x20 - 183
32x32 - 468
40x40 - 732
52x52 - 1237
Note, all booths will be inspected before the opening by our security staff, when you are ready message in the staff chat you are ready for your booth clearance.
If you have a booth event please let the events people know so we can add it to the calendar!

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